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"Ciao" is a versatile Italian greeting that conveys both "hello" and "goodbye," consistently evoking smiles from those it greets. Our mission is to extend that same joy to the dedicated team responsible for crafting magic and the clients who marvel at the remarkable outcomes.

The inception of "Ciao" stemmed from our burning desire to venture beyond the confines of our comfort zone, daring to dream and create in uncharted territories. Our vision is simple: let our clients take the spotlight while we handle the narrative. We cultivate creativity and nurture passionate individuals, embodying the essence of "Ciao" - intelligent, enjoyable, playful, and not too self-serious, but unwaveringly devoted to delivering exceptional results.

We often draw inspiration from the fashion industry as it represents fearless innovation and the willingness to take risks, embrace failure, and craft the most remarkable comeback stories. Brands like Yves Saint Laurent, known for their edginess and timeless appeal, and Fendi and Gucci, celebrated for their incredible resurgence stories, inspire us with their journeys.

Ciao Studio is a luxury lifestyle PR agency harnessing the power of disruption. We specialize in real estate, retail, hotels, food and beverage, wine and spirits, and technology. Our approach challenges conventions, offering unique strategies tailored to individual client goals. We prioritize transparency and innovation, emphasizing honesty and exploring possibilities.

We're dedicated to continuing to be a dynamic force in the PR landscape, working passionately with clients we truly believe in. Our focus on delivering strong results forms the cornerstone of our growth journey. With global ambitions, we continue to craft compelling narratives and offer exceptional PR services worldwide.

Tathiana Rosado

Livio Rosado

Lara Berdine

Sarah Diaz

Serena Collarte

President + Founder

Tathiana Rosado, the President and vivacious force behind Ciao, brings her signature touch of creativity, authenticity, and boundless passion to the world of PR. She's not just rewriting brand stories; she's crafting a compelling narrative of her own.

With over two decades of experience and a fiery passion for blending traditional and unconventional PR, Tathiana stands as an established leader who embodies confidence and unshakable self-belief. She's recently been hailed as one of the top PR experts fueling Miami’s explosive growth by Business Insider. She embraces risks with the understanding that true worth lies beyond the outcomes. “It's about crafting from the heart and having the courage to make it happen.

Tathiana's journey to founding Ciao was fueled by a desire to create a PR haven where creative talent could flourish, alongside passionate colleagues and knowledgeable clients — all while having a blast. She approaches her work with a fervor for delivering results and dreams big alongside her team and clients.

Chief Financial Officer

He's not just a CFO; Livio Rosado is the Chief Fun-ancial Officer bringing a spark of fun, creativity, and transformation to Ciao. With a dynamic career spanning high-end salons, wireless, and transportation industries, Livio's proudest achievement is revitalizing struggling businesses, showcasing his financial wizardry.

A graduate of Post University with a degree in business management and minors in marketing and international business, Livio's dream comes true at Ciao, where he collaborates with his sister Tathiana and draws inspiration from her boundless creativity. His aspiration at Ciao? To partner with clients making a meaningful impact on the world and help them achieve their dreams.

Managing Director

Meet Lara Berdine, she embodies the role of a seasoned captain navigating through the challenges of the professional landscape, armed with her adept problem-solving skills and a compassionate spirit. With over two decades of experience, she has not only established extensive networks but also crafted a robust support system for her teams, offering invaluable guidance and attentive listening. Lara's leadership style exudes a sense of empowerment, tranquility, and a touch of analytical finesse. Her previous clientele includes esteemed names such as Corcoran, Douglas Elliman, Swire Properties, TF Cornerstone, Forbes Global Properties, Zuma, Felice and more.

At Ciao Studio, Lara is not merely an asset but rather one of the vital ingredient that propels team's success.

Account Executive

Meet Sarah Diaz, a creative powerhouse passionate about storytelling, brings a seasoned background within the F&B, travel and hospitality industries to Ciao Studio. Her zealous and cheerful nature embraces pushing boundaries, while her adventurous spirit adds to her signature PR flair.

Quick-witted with a side of an effervescent nature, Sarah’s naturally a driving force, making waves through her creative strategies, compelling pitch writing, and influential disposition. Her love for all things F&B, travel, beauty and beyond serves as a catalyst that keeps her ever-evolving dreams flourishing.

Favorite quote? You’re not lucky, you’re just good at what you do

Favorite phrases? Out for delivery

Ideal meal? Sushi with a side of truffle fries

Assistant Account Executive

Meet Serena Collarte, the multi-faceted Assistant Account Executive at Ciao, fluent in both English and Spanish. A powerhouse of creativity and drive, she graduated from Wake Forest University with a major in communication and minor in marketing and journalism.

Before landing at Ciao, she navigated the professional landscape, interning at Chirpyest to crafting magic at Collarte Interiors, EchoKids Music, HURR Collective and BEAUTOLOGY LAB.

Now, as part of the Ciao family, Serena sees a chance to break boundaries and keep growing. Her goal at Ciao Studio? To define her unique voice in pitching, blending creativity with professionalism.


Ciao is powered by a team with an extensive background in luxury, spanning from entertainment, fashion, and luxury goods to Founder Tathiana Rosado's vast experience in real estate, encompassing both New York and Miami, and beyond.

Ciao specializes in serving luxury lifestyle clients across various sectors, including hotels, food and beverage, wine and spirits, real estate, retail, and technology. Notable clients in their portfolio include:


At Ciao Studio, we embrace the ever-evolving PR landscape with a focus on strategy, storytelling, and creativity. We recognize that the industry can sometimes lose sight of its roots as it grows, becoming overly formulaic and less client centered.

Our commitment is to 'keep it fresh' even as we expand, prioritizing honesty and strategic thinking over mere people-pleasing. No project is too big or too small for us. We aim to be your partners from inception, strategically guiding you whether you're planning real estate projects, hotels, brand partnerships, or crafting a press-worthy menu. We're here to add value and innovation at every step of your journey.

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